Photoshop® Actions and Lightroom® Presets for Photographers
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  • Photo Synthesis™ is a set of smart presets divided into four sections that are critical to transform an image. No matter what you shoot in whichever light conditions... Fashion, Portraits, Architecture or Weddings, these smart presets are the building blocks of any image and will help you unleash the power of Adobe® Lightroom® with just four simple clicks. LEARN MORE!

  • Angelesque is a collection of flare, haze and realistic light effects. It is a must have collection for all natural light shooters to add a bit of romance and some dreamy effects to enhance your visual story. These effects cover a large area of application...from weddings, portraits, fashion to lifestyle photography. LEARN MORE!


  • Skin Retouch Pro™ is a set of interactive actions for Adobe® Photoshop®, designed using Hi-End Beauty Retouching techniques to streamline your retouching workflow and produce amazing looking skin with realistic even texture...within minutes. LEARN MORE!

  • Clean Edit Pro™ is a Revolutionary action for Adobe® Photoshop®, that does every possible tweaking an image shot in any light situation. The add-on actions are fully stackable producing endless styling possibilities for both Photos and Videos.

  • Film Pack Pro™ is a set of presets for Adobe® Lightroom®, designed to simulate the look of classic popular fim types. Every detail from color, grain and dynamic range are tweaked to produce accurate film-like post processing results. LEARN MORE!

  • StyleMyPic™ Action and Presets are a set of comprehensive editing techniques designed to speed up your workflow, and produce stylish imagery. GET THEM HERE!

Great Photographs are not taken. They are Created!


StyleMyPic PRO WORKFLOW Actions & Presets

Introducing a collection of well refined techniques for Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Lightroom®. With a clutter free selection of professional color grading and retouching techniques, you can push your creativity to new heights, dramatically speed up your workflow with amazing and consistent results.

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Adobe® Photoshop® Actions

It's fun and easy to create professional looking images using SMP Photoshop Actions. Give your photos, and now with Photoshop® CS6... videos, a unique style that helps you get your vision across.

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Adobe® Lightroom® Presets

Breeze through thousands of images in no time with SMP LIghtroom Presets. Go from subtle to heavy color styles and exposure fixes with just a few clicks. Compatible with Adobe® LR4.

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Adobe® Camera Raw Presets

Edit RAW images in Adobe® Photoshop® with SMP Adobe Camera Raw Presets. These presets are based on the new ACR7 platform, which is available with Photoshop® CS6.

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