Portrait Retouch

Need some skin smoothed realistically, eye bags fixed, wrinkle removed, or other Photoshop work performed on your portraits? We can help with that! From skin tone correction and dodging and burning to complete make-overs, we do it all! The Portrait Retouch is a great package to get an inexpensive over all professional result. You specify your priorities, and we’ll do the rest. Priced at $29 per face, heres what you’ll get:

Smooth Skin with Natural Texture
Spots and Blemishes Removal
Wrinkles and Lines Softened
Face Contouring (minimal)
Double Chin Removal (if required)

Lighten Stray/Facial Hair
Skin Tone Color Correction
Dark Circles and Shiny Skin Fix
Make-up Correction/Application
Color Changing (if required)

Teeth Whitening/Fixing
Braces Removal (if any)
Brighten and Define Eyes
Color Grading
Portrait Crop


How does it work?

Simply send us your photos and requests to retouch@stylemypic.com and we will return you an itemized quote, a turn around time and any retouching advice that might apply to your photos. We’ll send you an invoice and if you’d like to go ahead with the job, simply make payment and we’ll get started.

If you are sending a large image file or more than one image, you can upload them to your preferred cloud storage service and e-mail us the link. We recommend Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.com. They are free, easy to use and reliable.


After we send you the final retouched image, you will be entitled for 3 revisions thereafter, within 15 days after the first delivery.