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SMP Skin Retouch Pro™

Product Description: This set of actions enables photographers to experience the finesse of professional beauty and portrait retouching. You can easily clean the color ‘blotchiness’ of skin without harming the texture of the skin. Powerful techniques like ‘frequency separation’ and ‘inverted highpass’ have been simplified in an interactive interface, ie. the action guides you through the entire workflow and even selects the brush for you to paint with. Choose actions like Beauty Retouch Pro (FS or IHP) for total control in skin retouching, or retouch on the fly with Portrait retouch Pro and Quick Skin Fix. Watch the VIDEO WALKTHROUGH here!

System Requirements: Requires English versions of Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6. Not compatible with Photoshop® Elements®. All actions are designed to work in 8bits RGB mode unless mentioned otherwise. Runs on both 32bits or 64bits Windows and Mac.

How to Install: The Installation PDF guide is included as standard documentation with SMP products, and can also be downloaded from here.

SMP Skin Retouch Pro™ includes:

Portrait Retouch Pro
Beauty Retouch Pro (IHP)
Beauty Retouch Pro (FS)
Beauty Retouch Pro Interactive 8bit
Beauty Retouch Pro Interactive 16 bit
Dodge & Burn
Facial Hair Lightening
Veins/Wrinkles Removal
Add Skin Texture
Metallic Skin Bronzer
White Skin Powder
Smokey Eyes
Eye Liner
Pink Eyeshadow/Blush On/Lipstick
Eyes/Teeth Enhancer
Quick Skin Fix

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