Wedding Retouch

Editing weddings provides a unique challenge for photographers. After a long day of shooting you’re left with thousands of images to work through. This means taking the focus off of what really matters – building your business and having quality time. So if you want to provide high quality work to your clients, on time, without being chained to the computer for eternity, then give us a try today!

Our Wedding Retouch service is competitively priced at $0.29 per image (minimum 500 images required), and includes…

  • Global and Spot Exposure Correction
  • Adjustment of Tone and Contrast
  • White Balance Fix
  • Color Styling/BW Conversion(if required)
  • Sharpening and Noise Reduction
  • Cropping and Straightening

Culling/Image Selection Service is optional and available for an additional $0.09 per image submitted. This process includes narrowing down your job to a parameter selected by you, and selecting the best images from your shoot.

Editing Style

We have 3 basic editing styles for you to choose from: Clean, Natural and Matte. The Clean Look has Vivid Colors and Strong Contrast. The Matte Look has Muted Tones and Soft Grain. The Natural Look is a perfect balance between Clean and Matte look. Take a look at the slideshow below to see samples:


How do I create and send files?

We exclusively use Adobe products, and all of our wedding editing work is done in Lightroom using a workflow involving ‘Smart Previews‘ catalog, a game-changing new feature with which we can now edit your images without actually having the raw files sent to us. The main highlight of this workflow is that it saves countless hours of upload and download time without any quality loss. We then return the catalog back to you to import the corrections back into your system, and all edits we made to the smart previews are instantly applied to your original file. (Note: For custom retouching in Photoshop, we will need your actual file.)

Creating a Smart Preview catalog is simple:


Select the images you want to send us and go to File>Export as Catalog… and ONLY check the ‘Build/Include Smart Previews’ option (as shown in the image below).


Name the catalog with a good reference like Job_Studio Name(Example: GraceJoeWedding_LeePhotography). Starting with a new Lightroom Catalog for each session is the best way to send and receive orders.


Once Lightroom has created your Smart Previews, close Lightroom. In the Smart Previews Catalog folder you just exported you will find enclosed Smart Previews .lrdata and .lrcat file. Compress this Smart Previews Catalog folder you just exported to create a ZIP file.


Upload the ZIP file to your preferred cloud storage service. We recommend Dropbox, Google Drive or They are free, easy to use and reliable.



E-mail us the link of your uploaded files to, along with your choice of editing style (Clean/Natural/Matte). We’ll send you five free test images(medium sized JPEGs) completely obligation-free along with an invoice, and if you’d like to go ahead with the job, simply make the payment and we’ll get started.

IMPORTANT : Do not rename or move your original raw files catalog after sending us the Smart Previews! Otherwise, you won’t be able to sync the work we’ve done with your original files.

Receiving files

After our editing is complete, we re-upload them ready for you to grab them at your convenience. All you have to do is open the Original Raw files catalog in Lightroom and import the new Smart Preview catalog file we sent you (as shown below).

You are now ready to export your RAWs into JPEGs!